transkranielle Magnetstimulation

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Modern high tech medicine discovered the potential of magnetic waves:

Let yourself be affected by the power and positive energy of magnetic fields.


The listed effects of magnetic stimulation on the brain are well documented:
    •    Improved blood circulation and oxygen supply
    •    detoxication and regeneration of the brain
    •    it contributes to vital energy and mental balance
    •    improved neuroplasticity


Magnetic stimulation devices are for stationary usage or as home care product available. Due to his experience Dr. Seemann developed an easy to handle home care treatment product. This device in form of a head band is also valuable e.g. for healthy people, having noticed symptoms and want to prevent severe diseases.



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To be happy or to have a good memory function, several brain regions have to be active and stimulated at the same time. This is, why the concept of the headband applicator is so intriguing.

We are glad to have the opportunity to inform you comprehensively on this website and to be at your disposal at all times. These sites are dedicated to all patients interested in the home care device. Also we offer hysicians or health care professionals medical education.

Patients interested in beeing directly treated in the outpatient ambulatory of Dr. Seemann, are asked to visit the website www.psychiater.org to connect.