transkranielle Magnetstimulation

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Magnetism at first sounds abstract but we can offer you professional help by applying this most modern advanced technology. By using pulsed magnetic fields we activate cerebral zones. This for short. Beside the natural activation we apply the Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation mainly by an affection of the nerves, for the individual and careful treatment of depressions, burn outs, sleep disorders, anxieties, dementia, lacks of motivation, attention deficits (ADHD) and neurological disorders. What is your benefit? Well, a relaxed person is powerful, strong-nerved and able to manage his or her everyday life with much more energy. And who entirely feels fine strengthens his family, is a pleasant colleague and has a positive influence on his or her environment.

Dr. med. Oliver Seemann, the initiator of these websites, is the "First mover" in german outpatient treatment with rTMS. Since 2002 he experienced the method in an individual manner dedicated to each patient, so he is probably the most experiencd physician worldwide using rTMS.

There are devices for physicians and other therapists for stationary usage. Due to his experience Dr. Seemann developed also a home care treatment product, easy to handle. This device is also valuable e.g. for healthy people, having noticed some decline in mood and those who want to prevent a depression:

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We are glad to have the opportunity to inform you comprehensively on this website and to be at your disposal at all times. This sites are dedicated to all physicians or health care professionals interested in the method and further medical education.

Patients interested in this method are asked to take up contact upon the homepage www.psychiater.org resp. info@psychiater.org for futher treatment questions and information.