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Proven Results of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation:

It has been shown, that rTMS is a great alternative to medication in many patients.
Except treatment of depression, the usage of rTMS is Off-Label .
Effective treatment of the diseases listed, is supported by international studies.You may follow the indicated links to make your own opinion.

Furthermore, there are also isolated case reports that rTMS helps with some other ailments, such as emotional shock, psychogenic movement and gait disorders, psychogenic sensory disorders, psychogenic paralysis. But only in the hands of an experienced therapist this is recommendable.

We have developed particularly effective and proven stimulation protocols through our experience in many diseases for over 19 years. Success rate in the sense of diminishing derpressive symptoms, is due to individual treatment and high.

Special protocols include  unique subthreshold and bi-local stimulation, which are high end of recent research.

Yours,  Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

repetitive transkranielle Magnetstimulation