Dr. med. Oliver Seemann

Magneticstimulation (rTMS)

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Welcome to Neuro-Spa Munich:

Private Practice for Neurostimulation

Why repetitive transcranial

magnetic stimulation (rTMS)?

By very well-tolerated, physiological and thus the body’s own, natural magnetic waves, the brain and its nerve cells are set in vibration and thereby dynamized, harmonized and synchronized.It is a kind of organic treatment with highest scientific evidence.

For the first time in 1993 the method was used and investigated for treatment of depression (German research group of Gereon Höflich, Hans-Jürgen Möller et.al.). For over 29 years, we ourselves have helped numerous people to a happier life. With approximately 25.000 sessions (2500+ patients), we are amongst the most experienced center worldwide and developed particularly effective stimulation protocols. apart from depression, rTMS is still Off-Label-Use.

Core areas of my practice:

rTMS, 20 years of experience, bi-local protocols and also low-intensity (subthreshold)

New: Transcranial Pulse Stimulation (TPS); new in Alzheimer`s dementia (CE Approved) and Off-Label against Depression

These techniques intend to “refresh” the brain (i.e. improve neuroplasticity), therefore I call the center “Neuro Spa”.

Dr. med. Oliver Seeman